About John Cunningham, M.A.

John Cunningham, M.A., long-time speaker, trainer, psychotherapist and coach, brings vast experience and a unique and compelling skill-set to the financial services industry.  As a relationship-based business consultant, John assists executives, advisors, business leaders and organizations to create possibilities and outcomes previously unimagined by recognizing and removing personal and professional barriers to success to maximize potential, gratification and profit. He offers coaching, training and strategic planning for effective client engagement beyond the standard financial industry talking points, unshakeable confidence derived from deep self-understanding, and the leadership competence required for navigating the hidden elements of human, group, team, and family dynamics. Understanding oneself and the ability to see into the quietly held desires and dreams of others is the invaluable intangible essential to any relationship-based business. Trainings and private coaching sessions with John advance experienced advisors to the highest levels of gratification and success at work, and beyond.

Encompass Coaching

Every coaching process is unique because every individual, family, team and organization is unique. I draw on more than 30 years of experience working as a teacher, psychotherapist, trainer and business owner to best meet the specific needs of every client. If your business involves people, your greatest assets and success accelerators are your relationships and how you approach them. My first responsibility is to assist you to identify your most valuable outcomes in several key relational areas:  personal, family, clients, community and, ultimately, your business. From this platform, we create measures of success, eliminate unconscious obstacles to success and insure that your outcomes and values are in alignment in all areas of your life.

Download John's paper, Trust and the Big Three: Nuances of Exceptional Client Experiences